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Week 1

Freedom in Stewardship

The first week will focus on cash flow and net worth. You’ll complete some fun activities like The Money Motivations Quiz and a Stewardship Assessment.

Week 2

Diligent Earner

During the second week, you’ll focus on income and housing expenses. You’ll also develop your Diligent Earner Action Plan.

Week 3

Prudent Spender

Your third week of FreedUp will focus on your lifestyle habits. After that, you’ll get to make a spending plan according to those habits.

Week 4

Generous Giver

At week four, you’ve passed your half way mark. This is the week that’s focused on giving.

Week 5

Wise Saver

Week five is about finding ways to save money in your budget. You’ll create a wise saver action plan.

Week 6

Cautious Debtor

To wrap up the FreedUp experience, week six is about debt and how it can have a snowball effect on your finances if you aren’t careful.


Choose Your Lane

Everyone’s financial situation is different. That’s why FreedUp was designed to allow you to choose what you need most right now: to gain Stability in your finances, to find Clarity around where your money is going, or help building a Legacy. You take an assessment that suggests the right lane for you, but you ultimately get to choose.


Create Your Spending Plan

During the FreedUp program you’ll create a Spending Plan. Your Spending Plan is a great tool for intentionally directing and balancing your resources among the Lifestyle, Giving, and Saving categories.


Achieve Your Financial Goals.

Intentionally spending your resources month-to-month is only half of the journey. With FreedUp, you will stack your goals to keep up the healthy financial behaviors you learn throughout the experience.

App & Workbook

The complete FreedUp experience.

Use the app as your guide, and follow along with your workbook. Each week the workbook pages will be used to walk through specific calculations and exercises.

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