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Have questions about how to use the FreedUp mobile app?

Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below. If your question isn’t listed, please reach out to us.

App Purchase & Download

I purchased the workbook on the website but don’t know how to get the app. What do I do to actually get the app?
You can download the app from either the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). Search for FreedUp.
I’ve downloaded the app and would like to unlock all of the content, but I don’t see a purchase option in the app. How do I purchase FreedUp?
Go to and click on the “Buy” button. This will take you to the online store where you can purchase the workbook and unlock all app content.
I’ve completed the first 8 levels of the app but when I try to get to Level 9, I get a message that says “Buy the Workbook”. What do I need to do?
The first week of the app is available as a free download, but to access Weeks 2-6, you need to purchase the workbook to unlock the rest of the content in the app. This can be done at; click on the “Buy” menu item to purchase in the online store.
I’m purchasing the app for both myself and my spouse. Do I need to do anything special to make sure we both have access?
Yes. Access to weeks 2-6 is based on a registered email address. So be sure to enter your spouse’s email address in “Spouse’s Email” field during checkout. If you forget, your spouse can still get access to Modules 2-6. The first time they try to open a level in module 2, they’ll see a message that says “Buy the Workbook”. If they enter the email you used during purchase into the dialog that appears, their access will unlock.
I entered a coupon code on the purchase screen, but the price didn’t change. What do I do?
First, validate that the coupon code you entered is in fact the one assigned to your church (you may need to check with the program leader). If the code is correct but you are not receiving the discounted price, contact Good Sense for support.

App Access

How do I reset my password?
  1. On the landing screen (first one you see when opening the app, has the dark green background) tap “Sign In”
  2. On the login screen that appears, tap “Forgot your password?”
  3. Enter the email you use to sign into the app, then tap “Send Email”
  4. You’ll receive an email with a temporary password. Use that password to sign into the app. It you don’t receive an email, please contact us.
  5. After you sign in using the temporary password, you’ll have to select a new password before using the app.
I purchased the couple’s version and got both workbooks, but my spouse can’t access all of the content. What do we need to do?
Make sure your spouse is using the “spouse’s email” that you specified when purchasing the couple’s version of the app. If you are uncertain what email you used or the email is not unlocking the content, contact Good Sense for support.

App Usage

I can’t get the display to work properly on my tablet. What do I do?
The FreedUp app is optimized for smartphones and we recommend experiencing the app on your phone. The app will work on a tablet, but certain display features such as resizing and rotating may not function as expected.
I selected the wrong lane by accident. How do I go back and change it?
You can change your lane selection by opening level 5 “Choose Your Lane” in Week 1, and changing your answer on card 21 (the card number may vary), with the title, “Confirm Your Decision”.
How do I go back to a section I’ve previously completed?
You can revisit any previously completed section by tapping on it, then tap “Revisit”.
How do I download the Spending Tracker or Spending Plan document?
We recommend using a computer to download the Spending Plan and/or Spending Tracker. Head over to our Resources page to do so.

App Security

Can anyone else see the financial data I enter in the FreedUp app?
Your financial data is secure in the FreedUp app! No one from Good Sense or from your church has access to the financial data you enter. If you participate in a group, other group members also cannot see your data. If you participate with your spouse, each of you enters data separately and does not have access in the app to the data that the other spouse enters. In short, only you see your financial data in the FreedUp app. Some aggregated data regarding progress through the program is made available to your church. For example, the church has access to a dashboard showing how many people have made it through each week of the program. This data is available only on an aggregated basis; your individual progress is not available to the church or anyone else.


How long will it take the workbook(s) to arrive after I purchase them?
You will receive an email from us with the subject “Order Has Shipped” when your workbooks are on the way and it will include a tracking number. It will arrive in approximately 5-7 business days.
I purchased the couple’s version, but only received one workbook. How do I get the second workbook?
Contact us on the Contact Us page, email us at [email protected], or call us at 844-FREEDUP.

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