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FreedUp Podcast

Money is complicated, stressful, and all too often we feel trapped and powerless about it. This podcast is all about helping you experience the financial freedom and joy God has for you.

FreedUp Podcast


Debt is a Tool, Not a Vice

Season 1 · 29m

Debt. Nobody wants to talk about it. We’ve all wrestled with it, but we treat it like this embarrassing stain to be ashamed of. The reality is that debt is nothing more than a tool—a dangerous tool for sure—but a tool nonetheless. Join us today as we talk about the different types of debt and how we handle them without cutting our own foot off.

Saving is Delayed Spending

Season 1 · 26m

We should save. We know we should save—every financial system under the sun will tell you that. Unfortunately, what we rarely talk about is the why we should save. In reality, saving is nothing more than delayed spending, so today we’re talking about what we’re saving for.

Generosity Isn’t Really About Money

Season 1 · 34m

I want to be generous. Well…maybe more accurately, I want to want to be generous. We all know that generosity is a good thing, but it’s such a struggle to make it happen in the grind of real life. It sounds wrong to say it, but the reality is that generosity—and the difficulties we have with it—isn’t really about money. It doesn’t matter how much money we’re talking about—the struggle to be generous is rooted in a mind switch, not spreadsheets and financial plans. Today we’re going to talk about why that is, and what to do about it.

Spending to Get Free

Season 1 · 22m

If we want to understand spending, we have to ask the right question. Surprisingly enough, it isn’t “How much to spend?” or “How should I spend?” In fact, the key question isn’t actually about the act of spending at all. It turns out that no matter the dollar amount, the key question to ask is “Does this spending make me more or less free?” Curious? Join us today as we unpack why this question matters.

Should I Make More Money? Maybe.

Season 1 · 30m

Do you make enough money? We’re bombarded with financial advice that, ironically, never stops to ask the question of earning. How much is too much, how much is not enough, and how do you know? Today, we’re talking all about earning, and how it matters for financial freedom.

Steward Is Better Than Owner

Season 1 · 36m

Financial freedom starts with understanding ownership. Specifically, that you and I don’t own anything—we’re simply stewards, or managers. The dirty little secret? It’s actually better this way, and today we’re going to talk about why.

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