Help Your People Thrive Financially & Grow Spiritually

All of the resources you need to give your church a Biblical process and approach for money.

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FreedUp is right for you and your church if…
  • You are looking for a Biblically-based resource.
  • You desire a solution for your entire church, not just those in financial crisis.
  • You want to create a culture of joy when it comes to money.
  • You want to train your staff in Biblical stewardship.

Many people in your congregation don’t know how to start making a plan when it comes to finances.

We’ve served over 5,000 churches and organizations using the same Bible-based principles taught in the FreedUp Program.

Your people will achieve measurable financial growth, regardless of starting point. Your congregation will discover what motivates them to save and spend money. Your church will experience the financial and spiritual freedom God desires for them.

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It shouldn’t be this hard to decode the Bible and confidently teach about money.

Gain access to Biblically sound resources that are done-for-you so you can use them immediately with your church.

Start this experience by teaching your church how to confidently apply Biblical wisdom so they can thrive financially.

Over 6 weeks, FreedUp will help people get a grasp on their spending and start making decisions about their financial legacy.

Get FreedUp for Your Church!

  • First, see a FreedUp product tour.
  • Next, introduce FreedUp to your people. The program can be offered in various ways to fit your unique needs
  • As a result, your people will experience the financial and spiritual freedom God has for them.
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It’s Time to Lead Your People to Financial Freedom.

At FreedUp, we know you want your people to experience the financial and spiritual freedom God has for all of us.

In any community, individuals and families can be at very different places regarding their finances and the future. Regardless of starting point — from debt to wealth — people can discover new freedom regarding personal finances and their future.

The problem is, currently available resources don’t give you a solution to teach Biblical and practical approaches for every position in the stewardship journey. This can make any pastor feel discouraged and under-qualified.

Every pastor should be able to help their staff, their volunteers, and their entire congregation approach money in a way that honors God and helps them thrive financially. It’s time to help your church get FreedUp.

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