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Communication For Couples
  • “FreedUp allowed me to start conversations with my partner I would have never known to bring up. Brought a deeper meaning to finances.”
  • “Going into FreedUp, I was anxious about our finances. We are self employed and the crossover of financial stress from business to marriage was INTENSE. FreedUp has opened the dialog between us to calmly discuss our finances.”
  • “I appreciated the questions that required spouses to talk. It made it easier to bridge the gap.”
  • “I like that it forced us to actually discuss new financial goals. What can we give away or save? Very helpful!”
Encouraged In Community
  • “The groups were perfect for accountability and hearing new ideas!”
  • “[Small groups were] the best part. I probably wouldn’t have finished the freed up program without the small groups.”
  • “Doing it in a group helped me realize I’m not the only one who isn’t 100% on top of everything.”
Comparison To Other Programs
  • “FreedUp was more user friendly which is what people are looking for these days.”
  • “FreedUp was more small group conversational and much more relaxed.”
  • “I appreciate that FreedUp references similar approaches to getting rid of bad debt, but also encourages living freely and preparing for our future in a less intimidating way.”
  • “[FreedUp had] better focus more on lining your heart up with God.”
Getting Intentional about Finances
  • “Before FreedUp, my brain didn’t try to factor the price of items and my body didn’t wait to purchase anything. Since starting this journey, I have paid off a credit card, saved for my emergency fund and am tracking what I spend. God has blessed me with a great job, I need to make sure I am blessing him with where I spend his money.”
  • “FreedUp helped me have an intentional action plan to excel me to the next level of financial freedom.”
  • “Made you think about what you were doing concerning your finances.”
A-ha moments
  • “Combing through all my spending for the past 4 months and seeing exactly where my money is going.”
  • “The week they suggested to sit on a want for 30 days and at the end of the 30 days, if I still want it I can buy it. I had never waited longer than a week to buy anything. My foolish spending habits came to a halt and it helped me regain control.”
  • “The best use for the next dollar! That statement really solidified pausing before paying.”
Prepared for Life-change
  • “I recently retired so my finances are different than they have been and a bit unknown, so I feel like I have a better understanding of my finances in the future.”
  • “I came through this journey because I am in the process of getting a divorce and I don’t know what my financial situation will look like in the future. I wanted to get a handle on understanding my finances and focus on building wealth for myself and my children. I also want to start a nonprofit. I cannot do that without money. FreedUp has helped me begin my journey.”

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